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Fishing Village Experience

Nelayan Beach, located just 8 minutes on foot from Ametis Villa, is a famous fishing village in Canggu. Your personal butler will escort you on an invigorating walk to Nelayan Beach to observe the brightly coloured fishing boats returning to shore at around 08:00-09:00 A.M. You will then have the opportunity to buy fresh catch of the day seafood such as fish, prawns, squid and lobster directly from the fishermen. These items will be cooked later for your dinner by our chef and served in the comfort of your private villa where the pool is elegantly decorated with flickering candles and fresh flowers. This unique experience is exclusive to Ametis Villa.

Private Cocktail Bar Class

For cocktail or mocktail lovers, we offer a unique bar class in the privacy of your own villa. We invite you to become an amateur mixologist as you learn how to make specialty drinks under the expert instruction of our bartender. Create and name your own signature cocktail using an array of fresh ingredients and spirits to later bring the art of mixology home to your friends and family. A certificate, recipe fact sheet and token gift will be presented upon completion.

Traditional Market Tour and Cooking Class

A visit to a Balinese traditional market will precede a cooking lesson that is set up in the convenience of your villa. Our chef will accompany you on an eye-opening trip to a vibrant marketplace to source the very freshest ingredients. This special experience offers a true insight into the richness of Balinese daily life, as well as the exceptional flavours of Indonesian cuisine. A certificate, apron and a recipe fact sheet will be presented upon completion.

Cultural Night

Enhance your private dining experience by having traditional Balinese dance and music performed in the comfort of your own villa. You will enjoy the authentic sounds of a mini orchestra and the graceful movements of a classic dance to accompany your meal. This will be presented for your pleasure by a local group of talented performers who go by the name of Genta Suara. Please advise your personal butler one day in advance to arrange one of the best art performances in Bali.